7-31-17: The Secret to Overcoming Obstacles https://goo.gl/5zHpFS

7-27-17: 12 Prospecting Questions https://goo.gl/XD7ip5

7-26-17: 5 Musts to a Solid Daily Routine https://goo.gl/QAjPRN

7-25-17: 6 Tips https://goo.gl/9uqUux

7-21-17: The Power of Engagement https://goo.gl/nYjt4A

7-20-17: The Art of Connecting https://goo.gl/mgfVrp

7-19-17: Ten Steps to Getting out of Your Own Way https://goo.gl/kxFccp

7-18-17: Five Types of Posts… Are you using them all? https://goo.gl/yJC8T9

7-17-17: Posts that get Engagement https://goo.gl/9YpoFp

7-13-17: 9 Things that positive people do Daily https://goo.gl/znwhSf

7-12-17: Facebook Post Tips that will get you leads https://goo.gl/Ak6tuc

7-11-17: How to Sponsor Like Crazy https://goo.gl/i2a5tF

7-10-17: Simple Steps to Increase Your Income https://goo.gl/xTmkcG

7-7-17: 6 Tips to Success https://goo.gl/s1kSJ3

7-6-17: Why a Summer Blitz https://goo.gl/o7ok9E

7-5=17: Create Success in Your MLM  https://goo.gl/Es8ZF4

7-3-17: Relaunch  https://goo.gl/Q8RMYc

6-2-17: Short Term Goals https://goo.gl/U3nWzx

6-1-17: Part 2 Simple Ways to Share Your Business https://goo.gl/d6XqFK

5-31-17: The Importance of Small Daily Goals https://goo.gl/CLfDpf

5-30-17: Simple Ways to Share Your Business https://goo.gl/tQcZeo

5-25-17: 3 Hot Steps to Bringing on Customers https://goo.gl/Hs3CIg

5-24-17: 5 Tips to Sponsor 10 People in 10 Days https://goo.gl/YSzzRq 

5-22-17: Crushing it with Tools https://goo.gl/9qZETM

5-19-17: The Money that comes with Playing it Safe https://goo.gl/F1Vcu6

5-18-17 5 Decision Making Resources https://goo.gl/qE8yVD

5-15-17 The Raw Truth how to Share with 3 People per Day https://goo.gl/cczPN5

5-12-17 What Can You Do In 15 Minutes? https://goo.gl/7WXpsd

5-11-17 The #1 Objection that New Network Marketers have to Deal with…

Learn How to Crush It… https://goo.gl/CnR78O

5-10-17 Dealing with Objections https://goo.gl/hhhBty

5-9-17 You have Business Waiting for You… Why? How? https://goo.gl/y3iHMk

5-8-17 Powerful Prospecting Questions https://goo.gl/YlPgWz

5-5-17 Closing The Sale https://goo.gl/UhHhvC

5-4-17 Stories Attract https://goo.gl/t7sfa4

5-3-17 Getting People to Want More https://goo.gl/ICmcDD

5-3-17 1-2-3’s of Recruiting https://goo.gl/svs71g

5-2-17 Are You Ready to Manifest Your Life https://goo.gl/7XvoOB

4-28-17 How to Attract 3 New Partners  https://goo.gl/c6fDgR

4-27-17 Simple Way to Share https://goo.gl/iU9KXc

4-26-17 What’s on Your Mind https://goo.gl/6pWRdK

4-25-17 Making History


4-21-17 Moving to Your Vision


4-20-17 Mindset that Holds us Back


4-19-17 Mindset Creating Vision


4-18-17 Results With Basics


4-17-17 Take Your Life to the MAX


4-14-17 More Follow-up Tips


4-13-17 Hear BIG SHARES on 3-Way Calls


4-12-17 Effective Followup


4-11-17 Making Your List


4-10-17 A True 90 Day Game Plan


4-7-17 Getting Customers and Partners


4-6-17 How to Share Prevail Max


3-27-17 Closing the Sale


3-24-17 There is Power in the Follow-up

3-23-17 Using Ditto Talk in your Email List: http://rec001.freeconferencecalling.com/mp3/1355346/815088/LAF3494_03232017063116308_1180645.mp3

3-22-17 Live with Dave Jordan: http://rec001.freeconferencecalling.com/mp3/1355346/815088/LAF3494_03222017120104725_1179110.mp3

3-22-17 Inviting Prospects to Understanding Your Opportunity: http://rec001.freeconferencecalling.com/mp3/1355346/815088/LAF3494_03222017063027397_1178200.mp3

3-21-17 Its all in the Numbers: http://rec001.freeconferencecalling.com/mp3/1355346/815088/LAF3494_03212017063012603_1175669.mp3

3-17-17 The Power of Ditto Talk:  http://rec001.freeconferencecalling.com/mp3/1355346/815088/LAF3494_03172017063027861_1169503.mp3

3-16-17 Systems Build Teams: http://rec001.freeconferencecalling.com/mp3/1355346/815088/LAF3494_03162017062958847_1167204.mp3

4-13-16 How to get 3 partners in 1 day: https://fccdl.in/mCNf7DKs2

4-12-16 Controlling The “Being Sold” Mindset: https://fccdl.in/hjPvOntqL

4-11-16 A system of Duplication brings you CASH: https://fccdl.in/Vhck61gi3

4-8-16 3 simple steps make Law of Attraction work in your life: https://fccdl.in/PkOt6pZKr

3-14-16 Miracle of Mindset: https://fccdl.in/6pthRrYsJ

3-11-16 Rapport tips from Bill MacMunn: https://fccdl.in/y3B16w4kx

3-10-16 Cold Calling: https://fccdl.in/FmgGB73Pp
3-8-16 10 Contacts daily: https://fccdl.in/LKBN0UIcR
3-7-16 Opportunity: https://fccdl.in/smE75oQ0A

2-29-2016 tips from Cesar Rodriguez: https://fccdl.in/HMyrd65Nk

2-26-2016 Lead Magnet: https://fccdl.in/JWXS71biG 

2-25-2016 Relaunching: https://fccdl.in/ex9REWYKa

2-24-2016 What to say to old leads: https://fccdl.in/FsjmCoSZQ

2-22-2016 Are You Coachable: https://fccdl.in/h2ZbgWNkD 

2-19-2016 Your Chicken list:  https://fccdl.in/y9ErWzcaf 

2-18-2016 Attraction Marketing by being more passive: https://fccdl.in/E0TVejgZL  

2-17-2016 Having patience marketing on social media: https://fccdl.in/IslVPxWen

2-16-2016 Getting more leads on social media: https://fccdl.in/N9jqUE7OF 



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