Testimonial from Ann Marot

Hi My name is Ann Marrot and I am actually recording this from my home in Johannesburg South Africa. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my friend Sherial Bratcher -Dobesh. She is actually more than a friend to me. She is actually my sponsor and partner in a company called VISI. I’ve know Sherial for a couple of years and I got to meet her for the first time in December 2013 in Las Vegas and when I saw her, I just had to find out what she was doing and that is how I got into the company…..(Watch the video to learn more)


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Just wanted to share a few words about my coach and mentor, SHERIAL DOBESH.

Sherial has shared so much information, which has inspired me to take control of my life and bring my professional career to new heights.

She shares her precious knowledge with me, as well as others, whenever I have a question. I really, really, really appreciate that so much.

Every day Sherial has a FREE coaching call that anyone can participate in. She goes into detail on social media marketing and you can ask questions at any time. This has been so helpful to me because there is so much to learn.

Sherial shares all of her knowledge on a daily basis, as well as managing her own successful career. I don’t know where she gets all her energy.

I am so grateful to her for her giving qualities. She is such a wonderful, caring person and I am so thankful to have her in my life.





I would highly recommend anyone to Sherial Dobesh as a personal coach. I have been with Sherial for almost a year now. She continues to set the bar high for herself as well as her clients. She continues to support being flexible, open, continuing to change what isn’t working to what is working. Going above and beyond what is expected.  A never give up attitude on herself and especially on her clients. Sherial approach is non-threatening. She meets you were you’re and continues to lead you to the highest potential of you. Sherial will never ask a clients to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. I.e. Work 16+ days, 6-7 days a week,  cold calls, making calls all day long and losing voice, marketing events, radio events, 3 ways calls, using FB as a way to promote business all through building relationships, etc… Whatever it takes attitude…. If something is out of integrity Sherial will be the first to step away and advise clients accordingly. Integrity is number 1 in business. Without integrity you have nothing. Your word is everything.  I have learn so much about myself and being back in the business that I did not know. I continue to learn from Sherial daily. She is an amazing leader, coach, friend and business woman.  Sherial leads by example which I truly admire in anyone. She walks the talk and talks the talk. I don’t do FAKE! Sherial is the “Real Deal”. So grateful you’re my coach, friend and business partner.



As a professional Leader in the corporate world I am always open to receive coaching to contribute to the success of my teams.
Being I have taught Network Marketing is a relationship business model and there are certain skills and Language that need to be developed.

I have had the opportunity to receive coaching from  Sherial Bratcher in respect to Social Marketing,Prospecting,event planning…. I have experienced a massive shift in understanding and the skills of networking around the world.

Sherial has heart and a true desire to give back to others you experience that when you see  she always gives more value and goes above and beyond.

I believe anyone wanting to learn how to have a larger reach in your market should explore the opportunity to receive coaching with Sherial and experience an increase to your Business and your connection with markets you have never been able to reach.

The skills you will learn are priceless and extremely critical in the world of social marketing and building a Network.

Bill MacMunn
Global Expansion Leader.

SHAWNNA testimonial

Sherials training has taught me to brand me. She has taught me how to find the right like-minded people that you would like to have on your team. Sherial provides you with the exact social media tools you need to find targeted leads. I would highly recommend Sherial for her coaching expertise to anyone who wants to take themselves to a higher level; whether personally or in the social media marketing arena. Sherial truly has the ability to help on any level.



Shawnna Buening