Sherial DobeshHey, it’s Awesome to meet you, I’m Sherial Dobesh.





Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than you are experiencing?

Maybe there is something bigger out there that would have a dramatic effect on the outcome of your daily life.


At 27 I had worked my way up the ladder to a Canadian government management position that provided many services for people with mental disabilities. I held Canadian government contracts in excess of $2 million.


I am driven to succeed. I know that I have to be helping people no matter what my profession is. I spent thousands of dollars on personal development and personal training in the field of coaching and mentoring those individuals that required help making their lives better.


After 21 years in that field I had an opportunity to take a vacation from it all. After taking that vacation, I realized that I had grown up without a chance to be a child myself. I had branded myself as a LEADER. I needed to start over. I left Canada and moved back to the US.





I opened the doors of: Diamond Star Events, Las Vegas’ premiere business networking organization.


As Founder and CEO of DSE, I assisted hundreds of business professionals to connect with each other, build their businesses and create lasting friendships. I also hosted a radio talk show, interviewing experts about both business and personal relationships.  I promoted authors and speakers, filling up rooms and providing venues for people to successfully network and build relationships. I hosted many charity galas and organized six figure seminars and helped my clients live life with a mindset of abundance and wealth. 


I knew that uncovering the true inner self- help people attract whatever they desire and clear out negative life patterns.  I believe that coaching/mentoring enables my clients to shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary, define their true self and find their own center— both professionally and personally — resulting in a “personal brand”.   Personal branding is about expressing who you are, your individual values, your special qualities, personality and vision.  In today’s highly competitive market and uncertain economic times, it’s essential to learn to market and promote your “personal brand”.


At this point in my life I had found my true passion in helping others achieve their personal goals. AND THEN IT HIT, people were losing homes, jobs, businesses, cars were being repossessed, the economy was taking a dive and all over the U S people were devastated. Las Vegas was one of the hardest hit by it all.


My business was gone in a flash. I had to start over, I realized that the only security in my life was to adapt to these circumstances that I was subjected to, I had to find another way to generate an income. I started looking for an income that was residual so I wouldn’t find myself in this position again.


After six failed attempts at network marketing, I attended a personal development seminar on how to become a network marketing professional. In the front row were 14 men and women that were all making 6 figures a Month. I thought to myself, how’s that possible?


With that in mind, I interviewed all of them on one to one basis. I found out that the wheel did not need to be reinvented, and I knew that I could model myself after what successful people had done, I knew that I had to think big, act big, and believe in myself, such as these people had done before me. I knew that I had to take massive action to get me to financial freedom.


I still work hard [6 to 10] hours a day. Yet I would not trade having my own business for anything else. Through it all, I have kept my VISION and BELIEFS.



I know you have all seen a movie or ten that brought to light the VALUE of a COACH. There would never be any famous sports stars if it weren’t for coaches. I personally have spent thousands of dollars on personal coaching and personal development.


With that said, I have found that I truly have a passion for helping people overcome all the fears that might be holding them back. I have the ability to do just that. If you are serious about changing your life, you must be constantly learning. To gain any knowledge, you must be able to find it. I have an abundance of knowledge to share.


One of my own mentors was asked “Why do you spend so much time helping people when you don’t HAVE TO”? He didn’t even hesitate with the answer. Because it makes me happy!


Fortunately for you, I have done the research and studied others that have succeeded as well. You do not have to recreate the wheel. Teaming up with a mentor can take your career to new heights. I know for a fact that it did for me.


One other thing that I have learned is the fact that everything happens for a reason. We don’t always know what the reason is at the time, but it sheds its light eventually. No one crosses our path without a purpose. I have found what my purpose in life is and it makes me HAPPY to help others with making their life better.


In my previous company I personally enrolled 147 people. This gives me the confidence of being a qualified professional in my field of expertise.


I have been coaching people for many years now and I am being rewarded with the testimonials of my clients every day. My biggest goal every single day is to add VALUE to everyone that comes into contact with me.


I will be updating this as my life unfolds.

Thank you.



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I will be adding to MY LIFE as time goes by.
Please follow if I can be of VALUE. Thank you so much.

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